Pharmaceutical Export and Import Company


Pharmaceutical Importers would deal with us because we know all procedures
/ Ltd is receiving numbers of enquiries every day for pharmaceuticals procurement. The products that we offer are original from the manufacturers such as product from Japan and Hong Kong directly.

Although we understood there have a lot of enquiry is not meaning the orders would come. However, we would offer the right products for you under our analysis system that what product we should offer for you filter by brands, price level, origin and any relevant documents you need.

If customers are able to provide us the quantity they are looking for, then we are able to provide them a right offer condition such as right price level, product availability.

For the products that would like to purchase from buyers, we require them to provide us the wholesale license, little explanation about the law regulation in their country.  If anyone is the clinical industry professionals, please do provide us your relevant license.

One stop supply from manufacturer to buyer

Except the trading by exporting, Limited also provides the one-stop supply from the manufacturers to the buyers.  According the procedures, the first step we have to commit is the prices and the order volumes. Next we need to know your order schedule and prospect from buyers. The sole agent distributorship agreement would be possible, however; customer need to commit the achievement as well otherwise the agreement would not be valid.

The next step we need to understand for a new products into the market, we need to understand the law regulation and procedures of any products to export as named patient program or registry basis.

The other issue is what kind of the documents does customer require, or the government side require. Without all these information and the manufacturer would not provide for you.

The advantage from Limited

Customers could get original product from Japan or Hong Kong. Although most of the giant manufacturers are impressive in the society.  However, there have a lot medium-small factories are like a ‘diamond’ still not find from the people.  Specially the manufacturers from Japan is one of the good options.  There have a lot of manufacturers in Japan have passed the clinical trial already and they are the pre-license products in Japan or even US FDA. If anyone are interest for that, please do contact us and we would search them the products.

Please note, the product might export from Japan directly or re-export from Hong Kong and depend on the policy of the export side or the import inside.

For the product from Hong Kong, most of the products are generic or more herbal products. Due to the strict management from the local government, the standard in Hong Kong is also in high standard.

What you need from all these areas, contact us and we search for you.