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Clinical Trail

Win-Win Situation for pharmaceutical manufacturers, health care professional and patients could explore new medicines by clinical trial.
Clinical Trail is one of the method to explore new drugs to contribute into all nations

Why Clinical Trials and what is it?

The definition of clinical trial is experimental research and study to the allocation of medical intervention into human.  Since the clinical trial project require highest value of assessing the safety and efficacy of an intervention, so the procedures from WHO is necessary such as report system for clinical trial includes non-randomised project, for instant in the trial what we called Phase I trials. It might got safety problems occur in Phase I trials, it is critical that the same disclosure mechanisms apply for non-randomised Phase I trials as apply to randomised Phase I, II or III trials. Phase IV or post-licensure trials of health products are considered clinical trials if they involve prospective designs (with or without randomisation).  The main objective of clinical trial is pre-specified research or product development.  Any product without specified research objectives are not considered to be within clinical tiral.

If anyone want more future information.  Please visit any related site from WHO- clinical Trial.

What is Limited does for clinical trial Provides the products for clinical trial to university, pharmaceutical institution or hospitals, where it need for experimental research and study.  All the products we supply is original from the top brands of products or the potential products.

As we are the officialsupplier for hospital authority in Hong Kong by named patient programs and others related products.   So, we proud of ourselves that every management that we provided is based on the top management level.

All our suppliers original from Manufacturers or the suppliers who is specialist by clinical trial.

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