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The mission of limited is a pharmaceutical provider for the Named Patient Program, Clinical Trial and Managed Access Program. Limited was founded in 2007 providing health care products in Hong Kong. Our company established good connections with local pharmacies and pharmaceutical distributors. For this reason, our company knows the needs and importance of pharmaceuticals.

When the founder of our company realised that there are patients without situable pharmaceuticals for their treatment, he went into the business of Named Patient Program to help those patients. There are numerous providers in this market, with some trustworthy providers. In order to prevent bad business behaviour in this field, our company provides pharmaceuticals to customers sincerely and honestly. Medical providers can communicate with patients to get better quality pharmaceuticals from us. Aging is a serious social problem, which means higher demand in medical and healthcare services. The aging population needs better healthcare management and products. has a global network of licensed pharmaceutical providers, hospitals, university research and clinical trial facilities.

There have no short cut for this kind of business. Our company will maintain good relationship with these organisations by means of providing good services. In 2015, Limited established an all in one platform for suppliers/our company/buyer. This platform speeds up the procurement of pharmaceuticals with smooth transactions.

Our company’s Named Patient Program, which is also known as the Named Patient Import or Managed Access Program, provides service to people with proper documentations, no matter what kind of service they need and how small the order is. Please contact us. We will provide you the best service we can offer. We wish everybody healthy.

A message from our representative, I found this company to promote better healthcare services. One day, when I was walking on the street, I saw a lot of senior citizens. Pension systems and senior programs improve living standard for the elderly around the world. Healthcare services and pharmaceutical supply become more and more important. Our company is dedicated to the development of Named Patient Program. We do not limit ourselves to the market in Hong Kong.

Our goal is to develop a global market. To some people, what we are now facing is a crisis. To our company, this is a chance. There have a lot of customers feel that our company’s service is under strict standard. The reason is, this kind of service provides our customers the best pharmaceuticals they need. In our business, professional management can save lives.

Thank you for visiting our web site. Should you need any help, please contact us. From Toby JIM Company founder

Our Goal.

We co-ordinate between the manufactures, wholesalers and buyers together. We use our international background to step up the global market

Our team.

The team in is fully experienced with the international wholesale. All business service is professional

Your satisfaction.

The satisfication from the customers is our mission. We always study the way for improvement to support to our clients.

Our Vision.

We start our business not only for Hong Kong hospitals. We treat every customer the same. Our customers are from all over the world. We are specialized in the Japanese market but not limited to it. I will try my best to reach our goal.

We can work with any qualified customers step by step. Please contact us if you have any question.

Our Professions.

Sourcing - 100%
Business in Japan - 100%
Management - 100%
Research - 100%
Customer Relationship - 100%

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  • Legal process
  • License to license business only
  • Import and export- Purchase and Sales
  • Strong sourcing ability in the Pacific region- Hong Kong, Taiwai, Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand
  • Our biggest market is Japan
  • Your way to get into China and Hong Kong